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Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA

Harvard Trained Pain Physician| TEDx Speaker| Triple Board Certified Adult & Pediatric Anesthesiologist| Physician Entrepreneur| Medical Educator & Consultant |Host of Sevo Sistas Podcast





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My name is Dr. Elisha (ee-LISH-a) Peterson

I am passionate about

  • Demystifying pain medicine

  • Demystifying and diversifying anesthesiology

Elisha Peterson, MD MEd FAAP FASA, is a Harvard-trained pain medicine physician and award-winning Toastmasters speaker. She was the longest running director of Chronic pain at Children's National and the only full time pain boarded physician in the organization.  She is a pediatric pain expert who serves those who live with chronic pain and want to improve their quality of life. Her passion as a medical educator motivated her to speak on national stages on the importance of improving the quality of care for BIPOC populations in the United States and start the TikTok channel @painfreedocs to educate the public about pain.


In addition to helping thousands of children, adolescents, and young adults get their lives back, she received grant funding from the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia to develop a pipeline program in partnership with Howard University to increase diversity in medicine which inspired her to host the Sevo Sistas podcast.


She has peer reviewed publications and written book chapters on chronic pain.  She is a co editor on the pediatric section of the Open Anesthesia podcast and a frequent guest on the Prospective Doctor and Surgucation podcasts.  


Elisha lives in Washington DC with her husband and three children. She sits on the medical advisory board for Verywell Family, a comprehensive curated library of trustworthy health information.

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Washington DC  20002

(202) 743-1404

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